Jackass 4: Johnny Knoxville reveals potential plans for a fourth movie.

Jackass’ Johnny Knoxville has revealed that he is positive about his ideas for a fourth Jackass movie. The 41-year-old practical joker and stunt genius is confident that there are enough ideas for another big screening of the crazy adventure stunt show.

Back in June last year, Paramount Pictures announced that the Jackass franchise would be releasing ‘Jackass 4: Bad Grandpa’. Days later, Johnny Knoxville called the announcement a foul and said the movie was definitely not happening:

“It is absolutely ‘no’ is the answer. One hundred percent ‘no’. There is no Jackass 4 in the works. That, I promise.”

Following the devastating death of fellow crew member Ryan Dunn, in 2011, it made sense for the Jackass team to put an end to the franchise – especially since all members of the gang have hit middle-age. However, Knoxville has said:

“We said we weren’t going to do a two or a three, and there’s a chance of a fourth film. We’re not planning anything right now, but I always write for it.”

He has also revealed that he is working on a spin-off to the MTV Jackass series.

Johnny Knoxville has also landed himself a role in the film ‘The Last Stand’ alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, only this time, Knoxville has someone else doing the stunts for him.

“I wanted to do everything. Eventually, if they think you’re going to get killed or injured, then they will stop it but I always like to do as much as possible.”

Fellow Jackass member, Steve-o, has also revealed that Jackass 4 is not dead yet.


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